Puukko "Improvisation"

My first knife in 2016.
Puukko "Unexpected". Randal Graham all of sudden gave me this blade and this is why the name. I hope Randal will come back to knife making soon.
So, blade is hand forged Damascus, steels are 15N20 and 1095. Blade length is 105 mm, handle - 115. Handle is zebrano and reindeer antler with some Sami style carving.
This is very simple, but surprisingly charming knife. It sits in the hand very nicely and every time I get this feeling that I don't want to put it back. Just want to keep it in my hand... ))) This is first time I have used zebrano on the knife handle, but I like it and I will use it again in a future.

This knife is available. Please click the "Order" tab to proceed to my Etsy store, or just send me an e-mail to rk184209 at yahoo.com.

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