Sami maple in progress

Today I start posting photos of new Sami knife. Here are handle parts all fitted except rear bolster. Sheath parts are tailored but not cut out yet.

Handle parts are ready for gluing. And glued together!

After being sick for almost two weeks I'm finally back to work!
So, the handle is roughly shaped

And sanded to final dimensions. Here it is after 220 grit. Also I have cut pieces for the sheath.

Today I did some work on the sheath.

Today we had a powerful snow storm and about 50 cm of snow. All offices and most businesses were closed. So, I had time to work on the inlays and fitted and glued them both.

After digging my car out of snow I had time to file down the inlays.

The glue line on both of them looks nearly perfect!

Now it's time to glue halves of the sheath together.

And while the glue is drying I have time to sand and polish the handle. Here it is after 1500 grit and buff with velvet wheel.

Knife and sheath before Teak oil...

And after!

Carving in progress...

And almost finished. I only need to carve the end of handle...

End of the handle will have to wait until I'm done with leather stitching...

Getting close to the end. Time to stitch leather top.
Knife is wrapped in plastic and leather soaking in warm water...

After stitching and some shaping. I will check the shape every hour today and make sure it is drying and shrinking properly. Then it will have to dry at least before Wednesday (4 days) before I can pull the knife out...

Leather is dry and dyed!

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